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Proteomic Services

The Villen Laboratory is open to academic and industry collaborations and offers comprehensive expertise in proteomics analysis:

  • Protein identification
  • Protein quantification using label free, SILAC, or TMT labeling approaches
  • Analysis of post-translational modifications
  • Analysis of protein turnover
  • Analysis of protein stability
  • Custom proteomic assay development


The laboratory has a wide experience in developing  and implementing sample preparation protocols from a variety of sources and applications:

  • Global proteome analysis (from model organisms, cells, and tissue samples).
  • Global phosphoproteomes and other PTMs
  • Protein complexes (from immuno-affinity purifications): to identify protein interactions, elucidate complex composition, and PTMs
  • Purified proteins (in solution or SDS-PAGE gel bands)


The Villen laboratory is equipped with state of the art facilities for sample preparation:

  • Automated and semi-automated robotic sample processing
  • Offline HPLC fractionation for deep proteome characterization

Our lab has access to latest-generation mass spectrometry instrumentation:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive (QE)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Exploris 480
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Eclipse

The laboratory is equipped with In house Computational infrastructure for Data Analysis and Bioinformatic interpretation.

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